2 Years of Blogging - feeling the blog love

2 Years of Blogging - feeling the blog love - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Happy 2nd Birthday Cheetahs In My Shoes. 2 years old – 2 years of blogging; 2 years of imaginary friends, photos, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a whole load of other stuff that I never knew would fall out of my fingers into the great wild world of the internet. I can safely say I have learnt a huge amount discovering my inner geek, the photographer in me and I would like to think I ‘get’ social media – I am fascinated by it all. I reckon I’m getting my blog/life balance a little better too – I’m not posting quite as much but I’m relaxing a little more and now will spend an evening lost amidst another 1000 photos rather than writing. 2 years in and I spend days thinking through posts now, getting them to the point that they fall out my fingers rather than my fingers waiting for my head to catch up. I hope you can tell…?!

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