1950's cabinet makeover - my new craft station

1950's cabinet makeover - my new craft station

We are getting a reputation. For junk loving. (The good kind of junk… I mean, rubbish kind of junk… the kind of junk that ISN’T in your trunk… well, it may be from someone’s trunk, but not THAT kind of trunk… GAH)

Our friend’s landlord called us up a wee while ago and offered us an old 1950′s kitchen cabinet her had uncovered in one of his grottier houses. We were all “HECK YES!” and then he bought it over and it was covered in cat poo and vintage grease and smelt like it had been residing in hell itself.So it went straight out to the notorious alley in our backyard and has languished there for most of the winter.

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It's a vintage suitcase, er, stuck on the wall, y'know?

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