19 pieces of advice to my formerly pregnant self

19 pieces of advice to my formerly pregnant self

Last month, to mark Eliza’s 18-month-iversary, I wrote a letter to the future-her of 18 years. As she’s reached her next monthly milestone, I thought I’d take a look back instead. So if my 18 month post was a letter of love to my future daughter, consider this a 19 month note to self. Here’s the pieces of advice I’d give to to the formerly pregnant me:

Bad news, labour is not like period pains (thanks, Mum)… …’tightenings’ (thanks, wildly unrealistic childbirth books)… …or gentle waves of pain lapping at the shore of your uterus (thanks so much, NCT) Things labour is like; on reflection, blessedly quick And it’ll give you conversation fodder with new mum friends for months and months after Nappies go on the other way round (it would be ever-so-slightly embarrassing for the hospital doctor to have to point this out to you, wouldn’t it?)...cont.

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