14 Ways to Make 2014 Your Year - New Years Resolutions

14 Ways to Make 2014 Your Year - New Years Resolutions

A new year is all about a new beginning. Start as you mean to go on and find a way to improve yourself and your situation. We all get caught up in the idea of “resolutions,” resolving to start new projects and improvements, resolving not to get stuck in the same bad habits we’ve spent years cultivating. But this year, why not try to make the new year count by trying these 14 ways to make 2014 YOUR year?

1. Let Go So you, like millions of us, think your 2013 was the worst. year. ever. You are caught up in all the times that life screwed you over, and you resent the people who made your life miserable. Let it all go. Let the new year bring you peace and freedom from your worries and obsessions. Or, if you are one of the lucky ones who thought 2013 was the best year yet, you still need to let it go. Don’t rest on your laurels or assume that you’ve already got everything you could ever want. Remember that a new year presents its own set of obstacles, and you’ll need a strategy to keep up your momentum.

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