14 tips to beat school run stress

14 tips to beat school run stress

When my eldest daughter first started at primary school, I was always disorganised. I would forget packed lunches, lose forms and have to leg it with the buggy to make it to school on time.

But nowadays I run a much tighter ship before and after the school run, which means I feel calmer and less stressed. I also lose forms less often.

These are my tips for keeping your blood pressure on a more even keel:

After school 1. Get your kids to hang up their coats and bags. Ask anyone aged over three to hang their things straight away, preferably on photo child-level pegs. It’s good for their self-confidence, but also it’s just not your job to collect piles of clothes from the floor day after day. That way madness lies.

2. Create a home for their shoes. It doesn’t matter where it is – a plastic box, a cupboard or a spot against the wall – as long as the kids tidy their shoes away, rather than kicking them off and walking away from the mess.

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