12 Wines of Christmas

12 Wines of Christmas

I was recently invited by Sainsbury's to their Winter Wine Tasting event at the Oxo Tower. Result right?

Ummm. Well yes, but as soon as I entered the room housing what looked to me like the country's biggest array of bottles I realised I was somewhat out of my depth. There were lots of very professional people purposefully striding up and down the rows of bottles. The room was dotted with huge statuesque metal spittoons and there was much sniffing, swilling and spitting.

Ummm. In my humble opinion it's a waste and frankly quite rude to spit out perfectly good wine so it was clear I'd need some guidance here before I got horribly drunk.

I grabbed one of the very lovely buyers who took me under her wing, told me the insider tips for the best tipples, and taught me a whole lot in the process.

Now, I like a bottle glass of wine as much as the next person, but I know what I like and I like what I know.

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