12 Lessons My Daughters Have Learnt The Hard Way

12 Lessons My Daughters Have Learnt The Hard Way

Last week I read a fabulous feature in HuffPost Parents called 'The Bubble List: 31 Things My Sons Should Be Able To Do Before They Move Out,' written by Emily Mendell.

The list was impressive and around this time last year, I was probably compiling something similar as my twin daughters were heading off to university in just a few short months.

With both of them pretty stressed leading up to coursework deadlines and the exams themselves, I resolved that as soon as they had finished, they'd be learning some life skills and leave home knowing how to function in the adult world.

Epic fail doesn't begin to cover what happened next. Heading off for a two-week vacation after the exams, my daughters weren't even remotely interested in any of the umpteen tasks that needed to be done. Instead, the updating of iPod playlists was very high on their agenda. And after arriving home, it was yep, you guessed it... me who got up early and tackled the laundry until all twelve loads were completed.

Next, I decided it was time for no more Mrs Nice-Mum and refused to iron anything belonging to either of them.

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