11 Years Strong

11 Years Strong

This is gonna be a mushy post.

Eh cannot is it?

Happy happy joy joy 11 Years Long! Woo *throws confetti all over us*

*...and sadly cleans up the mess afterwards*

We have been through hell and back. BUT biggest, heartiest thank you for not giving me hell all those years. Well, it works both ways, right? You must be thankful that I, ERDA do not give you hell as well ok! Bwahaha.

I hope you love me the same despite the superficialness of me not looking young anymore with white hair sprouting all over my head and my body is not as tight like a kakak-body, crow feet and wrinkles slowly forming up on my face. My once upon a time super high energizer bunny energy is now depleting slowwwwwly.

I may have evolved into a boring woman. No more throwing surprises or parties or kidnapping you for short trips and sneaky dates.

HEY! I have my reasons ok. 1. Your work schedule sucks balls you know. 2. Dates mean little miss tag along but that's seriously ok 3. My energy o' woe my energy. I can't even think properly nowadays.

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