101 uses for a dead chicken - #1 Chicken, leek and parsley pie

101 uses for a dead chicken - #1 Chicken, leek and parsley pie

ne of the books I remember from my childhood was "101 uses for a Dead Cat". Not very good taste, but quite funny, especially when you are 9 or 10. My favourite cartoon was the one where you used the cat's bum as a pencil sharpener.

I know.

Sorry about that.

But it sort of popped into my head the other day when I was looking at the chicken before me, trying to decide how best to cook it. Before you start to worry, I wasn't contemplating turning it into any kind of desk top toy, or anything else other than a meal, but I reckon there are at least 101 ways to cook a chicken, and maximise the meal potential from a bird.

And if you maximise your bird, you reduce waste.

Food waste is a terrible thing.

We all know it.

And I'm not just talking about the terrible irritation that rises up when the kids turn their nose up at whatever you've put in front of them.

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