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100+ Crafts For Kids - Here Come the Girls

It’s taken me a while to think of this blog as a craft blog. When I started I wrote about so many topics but I’ve realised that the posts I love to write and which seems to do the best are the crafts for kids and the learning and play activities. I thought it would be a great idea to collect all my crafts for kids ideas in one place. I was amazed by how many there were. I had lots of conversations over the weekend about crafting with kids and how sometimes blogs and Pinterest can be off putting because you worry you can never do everything. These crafts have been carried out over a year or more and show a good final version. We did loads of things over the year which were disasters or started something and the children lost interest. Kids are unpredictable and not everything works out. These were our successes. I try to represent what we did as accurately as possible and say if something didn’t work out or if the kids lost interest and which parts I did. 

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