10 ways to have a happier labour and birth

10 ways to have a happier labour and birth

Yes, childbirth isn’t necessarily much fun, but these tips worked for me when I gave birth to my three kids. Hopefully they’ll help you have a more positive experience too.

1. Keep an open mind This is probably the most important advice – and the most under-rated. If you set yourself up – as I did during my first labour – to expect a natural, holistic birth, you will be disappointed. The odds are stacked against a first-time mum having an easy, straightforward, well-timed labour, so don’t be surprised if you do end up with an epidural, forceps, emergency Caesarean or other unplanned intervention. But if the outcome isn’t quite as you hoped, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get on with looking after your wonderful new baby.

2. Use visualisation techniques Even if you’re gearing up for an epidural or elective Caesarean, using relaxation and visualisation techniques before your due date can make you feel far calmer about what’s in store, and help you sleep more easily in that last troublesome stage of pregnancy.

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