10 Things That.....

10 Things That.....

10 Things That..... In a bit of a ranty mood today. I am feeling a lot better, in myself, but some things just need to be said. So today I am doing a list of 10 things that P!ss me off!

Now if you read something and think.....'I do that'. This is in no way aimed at anyone in particular, I am not thinking of people, just things I see, that get on my nerves. I will not suddenly take a dislike to you, just because you do something that annoys me! I don't actually spend any time with people outside my home, so it would be difficult to avoid people any more! Ha ha

So here is my list of...

1. People that don't indicate! I know it's an obvious one, but why is it so bloody hard?! You flick your finger, that's it!? You be quick enough to flip ME the finger, if I got on your nerves driving, wouldn't you? You stupid non-indicating drivers!

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