10 things my kids have learnt on holiday

10 things my kids have learnt on holiday - Mums do travel

On some family holidays – like skiing or sailing trips, for example – learning a new skill or improving an existing one is the focus and the reason for going. We’ve not been on a specific family skiing or sailing holiday but I think my children learn something whenever we go away. For instance….

How to wrestle an alligator out of a water hole so that your cows can drink. A cowboy showed us this trick in Florida last summer. This isn’t something I expect to have to do myself back home in England but it was interesting to see all the same. How to use escalators. There are no escalators in our village and my kids found them tricky and bothersome until we spent every school holiday for a year in Budapest and their escalator aversion was cured. How to use a bat detector. On a National Trust family working holiday in Wales my youngest was thrilled to learn this skill.

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