10 Things I Should Of Learnt By Now

10 Things I Should Of Learnt By Now There are times when I say "IS IT ME?"....................There are times when I might even say "WTF"......But more often than not you will regularly find me saying "WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN". Here are my Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of everyday life. 1. DO NOT expect to much from people: Just because you might go the extra mile does not mean that they will too. Some people are just not built like that, if you don't expect you won't be disappointed.

2. DO NOT prepare a slow cooked stew in the morning: Chopping onions after putting Mascara on only ends in disaster.

3. DO NOT take criticism personally: This is something I am fabulous at. I tell myself that the other person is not attacking me, but it's an easy trap to fall into, and I am happy to oblige.


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