10 things I love about my girl

10 things I love about my girl

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write, but after the day we have had, I am finding it quite difficult to think of one thing nice to say about Lily!

It has been an horrendous day, filled with back chat, hitting, boundary pushing, shouting, screaming, whining and downright defiance. In return she has had the naughty step, some empty threats (I know, I know…no wonder she pushes it, knowing it’s going to take several threats before my spine develops), more naughty step and a few shouts and maybe a couple more empty threats. Oh, and yes, I did buy her a treat today from the corner shop, and gave it to her saying, “Are you going to be good for mummy now”? I’m laughing at myself, knowing how ridiculous that really sounds, and did I honestly think THAT would have made any difference at all?

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