10 Reasons Why Working Mums Make Kick-Ass Employees

10 Reasons Why Working Mums Make Kick-Ass Employees

Working mums get a hard rap. If they’re not being brow-beaten by family for abandoning their babies, they’re being bitched about by less child-challenged colleagues when they leave early enough to spend quality time watching their kids crap in the bath. So to anyone who ever thought that being a mum meant you stepped off the skills ladder, here’s ten ways in which working mums RULE when it comes to the key attributes employers most want in their staff. 1. Creativity I see your raft made out of an empty barrel and couple of planks of wood during a team-building weekend in Coventry, and raise you a living breathing person made out of a teeny strand of semen during a drunken holiday in Croatia. 2. Financial Acumen The poverty line in the UK is around £250 per week. Statutory Maternity Pay is £136.78 per week. At some point most mums will tighten their belts so much, they’ll lose all feeling in their vaginas. But hey, at least it takes our minds off the hunger pangs. (cont.)

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