10 Reasons Why Being A ‘School Run Mum’ Sucks!

10 Reasons Why Being A ‘School Run Mum’ Sucks!

1) You have to be ORGANISED! – This is something that I am most definitely not, in any way, shape or form. Yes I am THAT mother, the one running up to the school gates with my slippers still on, kids in tow eating their breakfast, just as the second bell has sounded.

2) Early mornings- Now this is fine if you are a morning person but if you’re not then it’s a nightmare and couple that with point 1 and you have a recipe for disaster. Hence the slippers!

3) You are constantly clock watching – and 3.30 comes around a lot faster than you think.

4) You have to deal with the ‘playground politics’ – now I’m not talking about the kids here, I’m talking about the parents. Who knew that it matters where you stand in the playground, who you speak to and what you are wearing. What a load of tosh!

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