10 Reasons to go to Lollibop

10 Reasons to go to Lollibop

Lollibop is all about children.  Called the ‘big bash for little people’ it is an annual  festival aimed at children aged ten and under and there is so much to do and see, it is difficult to fit everything into one day.  Held this year in the wonderful grounds of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, A and I had a ‘girls day out’ and loved every minute of it.  Here are our reasons why you should go to Lollibop.

You might learn something new From cookery to crafts, dancing to animals, there are lots of demonstrations, interactive talks and loads of lovely people to teach you how to do something new.  A was really keen to do the cookery classes in the Lolli kitchen; a huge kitchen set up in a large tent so that lots of children could all make something following simple instructions.  Along with a group of other children, A learnt all about taste buds and is keen to tell everyone she meets that there are 10 000 taste buds in their mouths.  After a few little experiments to learn more about taste, the children made a Chinese noodle salad and had a great time too.  

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