10 Healthy & Yummy Recipes

10 Healthy & Yummy Recipes

Now that the linky for Healthy recipes is finished I thought it will be good to feature and do a round-up with the recipes that were linked up. Healthy food doesn't have to be tasteless and bland food. Even if you are on a diet you don't have to have salad every single day. Be creative with your food and you will never get bored.

If you want some inspiration and you are a fan of Pinterest you should visit my Healthy/Diet/Detox Board: Anyway here are the links to the Healthy & Yummy recipes above:

Sunshine Cod & Mango Salad - the special mango taste will give this salad an amazing taste I am sure Fruity Freekeh Mackerel Salad - I like mackerel and a fruity combination sounds like something special Cranberry Flapjacks - Mari is right a flapjack is truly a healthy snack. So forget about chocolates full of 1000's of calories - this is a lot better Pesto Pasta Bake - The first time I see a recipe for pasta and pesto but it looks good! All that melted cheese...yum!

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