10 habits of the highly normal and moderately happy

10 habits of the highly normal and moderately happy Oh my f*cking goodness (can’t say God, ‘cos ‘my Mum reads my blog’)! If I see another post in my bloody timeline advising me of the ‘habits’ of people who are apparently excelling on every level in life that you could think of, I might have to stab the internet.

It’s my own silly fault for ‘Liking’ so much do-goody, worthy, and healthier-than-thou bollocks of Facebook.

After four years of motherhood and nearly five years of struggling to make my way, with my man, in Spain, a strange suspicion is dawning on me which is that I might well be able to do whatever I set my mind to do; just as long as I don’t set my mind to do anything ridiculous. This feeling, albeit 20 years late, is very liberating.

So in celebration of my recognition of my glorious adequacy to face life’s challenges, and be the very best me that I can be on a good day, here is my bloody list. No ‘power mantras’ necessary, folks!

1. Eat what you like. 2. Drink what you like...

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