1 year! - Tired Mummy of Two

1 year! - Tired Mummy of Two

I can't believe that one year ago today I took the girls to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital so Elizabeth could have a blood test and by the end of the day I was a parent of a child with cancer.

Lots of things happened from that point on and in all fairness I have forgotten how hard it was. It is hard to remember the times when she didn't talk as she chatters constantly in my ear. It is hard to remember when she wouldn't eat as she stuffs her face full of McDonalds. It is hard to remember how she couldn't walk without her walking frame as she plays in the garden. We are not there yet by any means, she has good days and bad days but we have come so far and been through so much as a family.

Without this blog and the support I have received I don't think I would have got through this in any semblance of normality but we are nearly there.

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