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Visiting Fort Carré, Antibes

Visiting Fort Carré, Antibes

Every year around mid September France holds its annual Journées du Patrimoine; a weekend of open doors at historical buildings, monuments, parks and places of cultural interest. Places that aren't usually open to the public are visitable and places that normally are often have extended hours, free entry or some other extra. This year I decided to visit the Fort Carré in Antibes. It's somewhere that everyone in the area knows; it looks magnificent when viewed across the harbour, but I'd never come across anyone who'd actually been there. A quick flick through the reviews on TripAdvisor didn't overly impress, with most people saying it was OK but nothing more. It's open all year round and is very reasonably priced but the impetus of a free visit as part of the Journées du Patrimoine convinced me to see for myself if it really was as boring as the reviewers said.

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