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Top iPad Apps for 2 Year Olds

Top iPad Apps for 2 Year Olds - The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum

My 2 year old, Syd, loves my iPad, in fact he claims it is his. I know some people frown on kids using technology, but I find it a brilliant educational tool. Of course that is in balance with all sorts of other indoor and outdoor play, a mix of everything is my parenting mantra!

Along the way we have had hit and miss success with Apps, one of my big bug bears being games that start off free, but lead to toddler demands for often expensive in app purchases- they soon get deleted when he is not looking. I would rather pay a fixed price for a full, good quality app with no adverts or further hidden costs. I thought it would be handy for others to post a list of the ones we have found the most fun, educational, and value for money.

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