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Things my Toddler Says…

I don’t very often get round to doing meme posts, but this one has been making me laugh a lot over the last few days. Helen over at Crumbs and Pegs has tagged me to do a list of things I’ve heard DorkySon say that I would never say myself. It was all started by another Helen, over at The Crazy Kitchen, so if you fancy a giggle at the ramblings of some other toddler types, then head over to her page and check them out. DorkySon: Do you think ginger cats like to eat ginger cake?

DorkySon, stepping in a puddle at the park: Help, Mummy! Help! I need a wheelchair!

DorkySon: I’m putting bubbles on daddy’s head Me: Why are you doing that? DorkySon: It makes him look like a cake.

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