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There's more to Lisbon's National Pantheon than celebrity tombs

There's more to Lisbon's National Pantheon than celebrity tombs

The National Pantheon never made it onto my lists of things to see and do in Lisbon. I only visited it because I was practically on its doorstep after visiting the São Vicente da Fora Monastery (another pleasant surprise) and thought I might as well pop in.

To say it’s impressive is a serious understatement, especially if you like inlaid marble patterns and domed ceilings. Classical music plays in the background and echoes of conversations reverberate around the enormous building. I can imagine how powerful the sound must be when they have choirs singing.

The former church of Santa Engrácia is a suitably grand resting place for the likes of Amália Rodrigues, the much-loved Queen of Fado who is still greatly missed if the flowers surrounding her tomb are anything to go by.

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