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The World According to Izzie

So hubby and I had escaped to an Italian restaurant in Marrakech, whilst our daughters - not wishing to spend time in the company of mum and dad had promptly legged it and gone to a Moroccan restaurant instead. Filled with optimism for the evening ahead - our thoughts wander to the possibility of a carafe of wine or two, a good meal and no teenagers to spoil the peace. This is how our plans unravelled...

It had been a long day - our daughters passion for haggling meant that we had been dragged around the souks in pursuit of many purchases for the best part of the day. Eventually we arrived back at the hotel - hot, bothered and ready for a dip in the pool.

Afterwards Hubby and myself enjoy a late lunch, whilst the girls return to their room to squirrel away many bags of shopping. We don't see our daughters again for the rest of the afternoon.

Later that evening, we are sitting in the bar enjoying a quiet drink when both daughters appear. Sophia is pale and looks as though she's about to faint - she does this from time to time...

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