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The beginnings of a multicultural marriage

The beginnings of a multicultural marriage Once upon a time a young British/Australian girl met a handsome Frog in a far away land. After a whirlwind romance they decided to get married and this is where the fun started. They lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, her parents lived in Barbados, her siblings in England, one grandparent in Australia, the others in UK. His family lived in France. The first big question was where on earth (literally) should they get married? They considered a Vietnamese wedding. Though they realised probably not enough family members would make it. They considered a wedding on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. They realised probably not enough family members would make it (though unsurprisingly the number of friends who thought it was a good idea was high!) She realised she didn't have a home town – didn't "come" from anywhere, there was no one place that warranted dragging friends and family to from around the world. He came from Nancy, France. His family were all in and around Nancy. It made sense; a location was found and she realised what is was to "come from" a particular place.


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