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Thames Cruising

Thames Cruising

I want to tell you that yesterday was well planned in advance, and that we looked at the weather forecast and thought to ourselves - hey, it is supposed to be sunny on Sunday. What should we do that will be fun for the whole family? And came up with the idea of a Thames cruise. But what really happened was that I woke up yesterday morning fully intending to bitch the day away. It might have had something to do with the fact that I went back to the Weight Watchers & exercise regime I so gladly abandoned a few months ago in favour of constant cake eating and excuse telling. Hidai, who dragged me out of bed after he got tired of hearing me complaining about the worthlessness of my life and the cruelness of the world (I honestly don't know why he got tired of it, I am a very good complainer. It's one of my stronger qualities) decided that leaving the house was in order,

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