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Technology Part 3: Logging Off and Connecting to the Real World

Technology Part 3: Logging Off and Connecting to the Real World

Whenever I’m on my phone and connected to a Wi-Fi signal, I love to go on Instagram and look at pictures. However, I’ve come to realize that I spend a lot of time surfing the web instead of doing something really contructive. One time, I got home from school and decided to spend a few minutes checking out my Instagram feed before I started my homework. Those a few minutes turned into a few hours and the next thing I knew it was dinner time and I had done absolutely nothing. That day I decided to try and make a change. I realized that by trying to connect to the rest of the world using apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and etc., I was also becoming disconnected from the world around me. I also realized that I am not the only one, as more gadgets are being created and technology is finding a way into virtually almost every part of our lives, it’s also become a sort of a distraction as well as a blessing.

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