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somethings #11{love letters and leaves}

somethings #11{love letters and leaves}

…do you write/receive love letters to/from your other half?! as in proper hen-fash hand written letters? not a text, email or, god forbid, a fax! a love letter. if you do, then here’s a fat high five. i mean, i’ve received one {one! *hangs head in shame*} in the past. does a hilarious and naughty ’while-the-parents-are-away-invite’ count?! well. it will have to! otherwise i wouldn’t have received ANY! so, i’d love to know whether you’ve got some stashed away somewhere in a secret drawer or something.

{speaking of drawers…anyone ever have a ‘bottom drawer’ when you were growing up?! because i never and i kinda wish i had. not sure why exactly…anyway…}

going back to love letters, do you even write just ‘a letter’ to a friend, family, etc.? i send the random one to friends and i like to think {i hope!} it makes their day like it would mine if i was to receive one. it’s sometimes a ‘saw this and thought of you’ kind of thing. this isn’t a hint by the way…but, ya know…if the mood ever gets to you, feel free! ;)


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