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Shopping in Hong Kong: The Word on the Street

Shopping in Hong Kong: The Word on the Street

We'd just finished Sunday brunch in Hong Kong's oh-so-sassy SoHo when I announced (with just a hint of mischief) that it was time for us to get a family pet!

"What and where from?" stammered my slightly alarmed husband.

The Goldfish Street!

Surely you've heard of the famous Goldfish Markets I pressed? He hadn't. But I had….and I'd decided after three years, it was time to go and get ourselves amongst them - even if it was just to look at the spectacle I'd heard so much about.

(They say kids can learn a lot from having a pet right?)

When it comes to shopping in Hong Kong, I've discovered there's pretty much a street for everything and anything. An entire street dedicated to your retail requirements!

Bonus is, you don't have to stray too far from our neck of the woods for a lot of these 'specialty' streets. Mighty Mong Kok is your 'one stop shop' if you want something remotely weird and wonderful, like say a specific electronic gadget at a bargain basement price, a caged bird or maybe a bunch of Hong Kong's freshest flowers or yep even a kitchen sink!

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