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Real Husbands Have No Place Beside Real Housewives…

Real Husbands Have No Place Beside Real Housewives…

Ok, I’ll take one for the home team, and before you all start writing… I know we’re not all on the same team. It’s a phrase. Nothing more. Some of you ladies will disagree with everything I say here. Ok. And some of you men are nothing like Smart Guy. Whatever; I get it. But, I will: take one for the home team. I’m going out there and admitting, I watch Real Housewives of __________. We’ll leave that blank because… well… ok, I might have a bit of a Bravo addiction interest. In fairness, it started when I was depressed; don’t hate. I spent way too much time sitting watching TV, unable to do much else– besides write, and ignore the real issues. I’ve admitted it before (Let’s Get Real).

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