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Pride, a Wednesday Words and Wobbles

Pride, a Wednesday Words and Wobbles

Pride, a Wednesday Words and Wobbles

I have had a lot going on inside my four little walls this week.

I may have mentioned once or twice (or a million times), my beautiful little boy has finally got the toileting thing. Really got it! I have wondered over the last few years if it would actually happen. But it seems he follows his big bro, in that he only gets it when he's ready, then he gets it quickly! There have been several days where we have taken his night time nappy off, to find that also dry!! 

On top of that, I have been doing the Couch to 5K, look it up if you've not heard of it. It's basically a plan to get you jogging. It's simple, easy to follow........and I'm on week 2! Go me! I've never stuck to anything before, but I am enjoying this. I am currently doing it on the spot, in the house. I intend to put on my big girls pants this week and go outdoors to jog. *gulp*

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