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Poinsettas, our Christmas Tree & more wreaths

Poinsettas, our Christmas Tree & more wreaths

In the past week I've found myself in the Orange DIY store twice, which is pretty much unheard of. On the second visit I decided to reward myself for my patience and headed over to the poinsettas. Needless to say they were looking a little forlorn, but bagging these three for £1 each was a bit of a bargain. Later I discovered I'd got slightly more than I bargained for as one had been used to dispose of chewing gum, nice. No wonder they were looking rather sorry for themselves.

With some water - I don't think they'd been watered since October - and a bit of attention, they've perked up no end. So it seems this season's keep-the-poinsetta-alive challenge is underway. My record is early March, but we'll see how these three do.

They are beautiful though and I love the detail.

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