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Operation Yummy Mummy Just Got Crazy

Operation Yummy Mummy Just Got Crazy : Mummy and Boo

It’s 29 days until the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon. Why is this important – well until 2.30pm yesterday afternoon it wasn’t however I received an e-mail to say I’d won a competition and the prize was a place on the half marathon. I was and still am in shock. Yes you’ve read right – I’m running a half marathon in 29 days! I entered the competition on my commute into work (you know the ones in the paper that say e-mail your details and a winner will be picked); the week before the prize was a pair of festival tickets and I wasn’t so lucky plus I for some random reason thought the half marathon was in November so even if I did win, it would be fine – just another goal for #operationyummymummy – plus it wasn’t like I was going to win or anything, surely!

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