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One Swallow does not a Summer make ...

One Swallow does not a Summer make ...

One Swallow does not a Summer make ...

.... but it means it's definitely on it's way and I saw the first 3 swallows of 2014 on Saturday at the neighbouring village of Pontécoulant.

I love swallows - I love their colour, I love their their shape and I love the way they swoop through the skies searching for insects and dip low over ponds to scoop up water. I also completely admire the fact that a bird that weights no more than 25g can fly 6000 miles from South Africa to Northern Europe, twice a year for as long as they live. They fly 200 miles a day at an average speed 20 miles per hour taking a month to complete their journey. It truly is a feat of nature that we can go nowhere near to matching.

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