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Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nobody Said It Was Easy

I watched in awe as The Teenager sat amongst her study cards jotting down notes whilst ferreting through her books. Although it looked like hard work I think she actually enjoys it..........."Nobody said A 'Levels were easy Mum" she said to me as I continued to watch her, "You should try it.....A course or something" she whispered......"ME" I screamed "AS IF"............................................

Her words stuck in my head for days, I am ashamed to admit that school for me was just one big stage and if the day was fun and I made people laugh then I was happy and considered my education had gone well that particular day. I left school with 5 CSE's and 1 O' Level (I have no idea how I managed it but I did, albeit with very low grades but passes never the less).

I once wrote a blog about my English teacher who had told me that I would never amount to much unless it involved mimicking famous people or making a general fool out of myself..........

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