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My Summer Bucket List.

My Summer Bucket List.

Summer holidays are almost here (even though The Female Teen finished 5 weeks ago) and I have decided to do a summer bucket list. Obviously those that know me will know that my kids are older so I'm not entirely sure I will see an awful lot of them but I am hopeful that they might want to do some of the list with me. I have never done one of these but I am seeing it as a challenge and intend to try and complete every item on it and blog along the way with my progress. So without further ado, here we go....................................................................

1. Try at least a spoonful of all 13 flavours of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (by a spoonful I obviously mean a large spoonful).

2. Make a cake/fairy cakes and decorate it/them once a week (photos to follow).

3. Eat breakfast outside as many times as we can (obviously this will only apply when its hot).

4. Take the kids to play crazy golf.

5. Go out for lunch with kids at least once a week (that's if I can pin them down).

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