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My First Canyon Trek - Independent Travel Help

My First Canyon Trek - Independent Travel Help

Since I had a few days to spare before trekking to Machu Picchu, I decided to take part in another trek, which was being organised by a couchsurfer from Arequipa. He sent out a message on the Couchsurfing website inviting other couchsurfers to join in a trek to Colca Canyon. I arranged to meet him and everyone else taking part at the bus station in Arequipa at 5.30 am. Day 1 Arequipa to Llahuar Once everyone had arrived, we boarded a bus which stopped at a small, quiet town called Yanque for about 20 minutes. That gave us a chance to have a quick look around before setting off again for Cabanaconde. It seemed like a nice place to stop for a night or two, with its white volcanic stone buildings and it isn’t particularly touristy. Most tourists/travellers do as we did and have a quick look around while the bus is stationary. hare&

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