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I never watched the show Lost but kind of wished I had, last week myself and a friend were having coffee and got on to the subject of who we would like to be stranded with if we ever found ourselves lost on a remote island. It wasn't as easy as you would think and took us some time and some rethinks before we both settled on a final group. Here are my camp mates........................

1. Dr Phil - Just in case anyone needs a bit of a talking too about our impending situation.

2. Michael McIntyre - Need someone to make us laugh, although I wonder if he is funny all of the time??

3. Justin Timberlake - Obviously I have no interest in someone so young (I'm no cougar) but he could teach me to sing and dance my way across that sunlit beach.

4. Steve Backshall - I know that Steve looks great without a shirt on but he would be totally necessary in case of creepy crawlies and other wild beasts.

Come on over and see a few more....................................................

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