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Like Love Loathe Linky #12 - The Best and Worst of TV According To Me

Like Love Loathe Linky #12 - The Best and Worst of TV According To Me JJ Abrams. I just can't get enough of of the programmes he has produced over the years, and is still producing. You can read all about his work on IMDB - but I shall wax lyrical about my faves presently.

Sydney Bristow from Alias rocks so much I want to BE her! Can you have kick-boxing CIA agents in wheelchairs? It might make a good cover! Seriously, Jennifer garner kicks serious butt in this role. If you haven't already - get the box set!

Right now I am watching Almost Human and Believe, which I am really loving. I have only seen the first episode of Almost Human, but I enjoyed in more than I do most pilots. The problem with pilots is that they need to introduce you to all the characters, give you an idea of the story line and what is going on, as well as draw you in and make you want to watch again. I have found that even some of my now favourite series' fail to do this in its entirety.

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