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Letters to him & her ~ #2

Letters to him & her ~ #2

Buba, your have become your uncle. I watch you and your sister and it’s like watching an old movie of me and Uncle R with a little more age gap but not much. The way you love and pester your sister at the same time, the way you want her to play but only with certain toys, it’s the same. I see flashbacks of when I was growing up while I watch you and your sister interacting. I see it in the photos I capture of you both. The best part of it is I am hoping that if you are like us back then I hope you will be like us now. We are close, we share our daily lives and adventures still together even when there is a whole ocean between us. We have a strong bond. I can see you and Missy Moo developing this and I hope it long continues into your adulthood. You are a great big brother, protective of her when other kids push her over at the park in the soft play area. It’s a “only I can push my sister” kinda of love. It tickles me.

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