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Let Me Introduce...Scrapunzel

Let Me Introduce...Scrapunzel

In my books, anyone who describes their Twitter location as 'Twirling in the Midlands' is someone I can get on board with. Add to the mix a constant timeline of cheer and rainbow-coloured, unique designs and ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Scrapunzel.

Scrapunzel, AKA Niccy, is a truly one of a kind designer, creating beautiful and original clothing that wouldn't look out of place on a fantasy film set. Think fairy tales, think Lord of the Rings and think ethereal; there you have a little slice of the Scrapunzel pie!

Growing up without a TV, Niccy developed a great love of crafting and learnt how to both construct and deconstruct garments. A strong talent you might say, but it wasn't until researching the alternative clothing industry that she found she could bring a niche to the market. Concerned with both the environment and the problems the industry faced with sizing, Scrapunzel was born - selling handmade festival style clothing to suit all.

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