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July in the garden

July in the garden

The garden is in full bloom. I always know it’s properly summer when the first of the sweet peas come out; this flower is best stuffed into a simple bottle, leaving the flower and its sweet smell (my all-time favourite scent) to do all the talking.

Some of the roses have gone over, dead-headed in the hope of a second flourish next month, but new ones have blossomed in their place: Wedding Day is rampaging through the boughs of the apple tree, while a little, pale pink bush rose has grown taller than I am. The Japanese anenomes are still in their tight, furry buds but it won’t be long before they’re showing their pretty faces.  These days of sun are blissful: paddling pools and ice lollies; lazing in hammocks and deck chairs; the sound of a lawn mower, the smell of cut grass. And I love everything about a line of clean washing in July as it dries in the heat, sways in the breeze, and is still warm to the touch when I change the bed linen.

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