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Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival the only family-friendly festival you need

Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival the only family-friendly festival you need

Call me Victor Meldrew if you will, but most of the time I enjoy staying at home. I like my own company, my family (though if you tell my sister I said that I will shoot you with my best stick), and just hanging out with my toys. Going out is – well, it’s hard work to be honest: getting dressed, putting shoes on, walking, all of those things are just an irritation, and I prefer to be getting on with life. But on Sunday I was actually keen to leave the house. I surprised everyone, including myself by looking forward to a day at The Big Feastival

Our review of The Big Feastival:

I like my food, and I knew there would likely be some magnificent samples at The Big Feastival. This tray of macarons is just one such delight we found, and given that my sister is the world’s biggest fan of the macaron (to the point where she blackmailed Mummy into making some for the Great Blogger’s Bake Off) you can imagine how much time we spent gazing at this tray, despite the wasps.

The food at the Big Feastival, it’s what you go for, no?

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