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Into the Wild meets: the man behind the Most Epic Selfie of all Time

Into the Wild meets: the man behind the Most Epic Selfie of all Time

If his name doesn’t ring any bells, his video surely will: Alex Chacón, 26, from the USA, is the author of the "Most Epic Selfie of all Time". He poses in front of a camera while a carousel of the most fascinating places in the world spins behind him. The 3 minute video is a collage of the almost 126,000 miles covered to travel from Alaska to Argentina through 36 different countries. Alex is more than a tourist; after graduating in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Texas, he sold all his belongings, jumped on to the saddle of his motorbike and left his house in Texas to travel. During his trip through Latin America, he worked with the less fortunate children of countries visited. His experience recalls so much the young Guevara portrayed in the movie starring Gael García Bernal, that Alex himself named his website “The Modern Motorcycle Diaries”.

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