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Inspiration Concert day – Sit down you’re rocking the Sage Gateshead

Inspiration Concert day – Sit down you’re rocking the Sage Gateshead

Hooray we did it! A fantastic day of sunshine, singing and fun, ending in another memorable Inspiration concert.

We’ve had a mountain of difficult words to learn – Tra Las, Oooos, turning, burning, gurning glances and astounding testicles. There’s been difficult decisions to make within the shortest timeframe - When to sing Down on Skid Row? When to punch the air in ‘Oklahoma’? Is it ok to eat a 3rd cupcake? I could go on, and on, and on, and on, good gracious me.

But make a mistake and who would know about it? – except for Andy, Mark, the orchestra and 300 other singers – no one ;-)

It’s been difficult this term and we have missed Gary, but Mark and Andy have been great and coached us well throughout. We all wanted to shine like the sun outside for them and we did. We pulled together as one team and had most of the words off Pat (she’s canny), and for the rest of the words we were flying by the seat of our pants. Hey we live on the edge, we’re Inspiration

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