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I have lost 10 pounds and this is how I did it… – torontoshopoholic

I have lost 10 pounds and this is how I did it… – torontoshopoholic

So the title sounds a bit like one of those ads for some sort of miracle weight loss secret. The ones that pop up in google ads and now on Facebook too.

This is SO. NOT. THAT.

Let me back up. Sometime in the spring I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t happy with the way my body was after having two kids and I was ready to do something about it. Something about style blogging and comparing yourself to skinny 20somethings got me motivated. Here is the thing it was less about the baby weight and more about the lazy weight.

In neither of my pregnancies did I gain more than 30 pounds and lost all of it without alot of effort. Breastfeeding is a pretty awesome diet.

Still after leaving university, sitting at a desk all day and not putting alot of emphasis on physical fitness here I am. Spending nap time blogging and going for walks at the pace of a 4 year old doesn’t help either.

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