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How to prepare for a meeting (not) - stickers stars and smiles

How to prepare for a meeting (not) - stickers stars and smiles

Last week I had the pleasure of going into London to meet a few fellow bloggers, and the relaunch of Tesco Finest. Lovely.

It was lovely, but the getting there bit well… this can prove to be somewhat of a challenge if you don’t have the organisational capability of a centipede attempting to get his fluffy slippers on every foot but leaving it five minutes before settling down to watch his favourite centipede TV show…

Last minute mum – that’s me – should change the name of this blog.

So what do you do to prepare for a scrumptious meeting in London sans kids?

Have a hearty breakfast

Critical to feeling in control, and on top of your game. Do not, I repeat do not grab a Diet Coke in a petrol station, and then buy some Fruit Tella in a last minute panic

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