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How to make a tag blanket

How to make a tag blanket

With two small kids I’m always trying to think of crafts I can do very, very quickly. I thought it might be fun to do a tutorial on how to make a tag blanket as I knew it would be something my daughter would enjoy and therefore also meaning I felt rightious in doing some sewing rather than the housework! I did the majority of this while she had a nap and (as she woke up earlier than planned, boooo), finished the last bit after she’d woken up. I think the whole thing took less than an hour which makes this not only a ‘how to make a tag blanket’ but also a ‘how to get stuff done very quickly while your kids nap’!

How To Make A Tag Blanket:

You will need: Material (mine is from docrafts), ribbon (I used about 3 x 50cm) and an empty packet of babywipes. This is optional but if you have small kids they probably go a bit crazy for the noise these make too so I thought I’d use it to make it a bit more interesting for them!

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